James Victore once said “Complaining is not Conversation”. How true! Sadly- oflate we have all been drawn into a web, drafted clearly by the so-called-society, wherein complaining is a fashion. If you dont complain, there is something wrong with you and your life. Picture this- the grueling summers have started.Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore are screaming about the rising mercury levels. At Delhi- though it is easily 41 deg daily, I have personally felt the heat isn’t much. Coz- somewhere deep in my mind- I am  prepared for a severe May and a hellish June.

But when I make conversations with friends in the city- If I tell them, it isn’t that hot- I am looked upon with a strange and quizzical look. I wonder if I offended someone with my statements. “Go with the flow” is the mantra nowadays. Agree with what most people agree has become the rule. If we are frank and bold enough to say what is in our mind- we are seen as an outcast. when the crowd complains, go with the flow. That has been the norm of late.

This mindset has even penetrated into the kiddo world. Every kid is different and every situation that the kid faces is different. If my kid screamed her way through a flight for the full 2.5 hours journey- it is no thumb rule, that she would do this on the return journey as well. She would spring up a surprise and come up as that “aww- what a sweet gal- who doesn’t trouble mom”.

But after the journey, when I discuss with my friends about it- somewhere deep down we feel we should portray an arduous picture. We must tell them “my kid troubled me sooo much. phew!- which might not be the case. We must give a picture that parenting is a tough job and parenting on flights is even more difficult. somewhere deep in all mom’s minds- the thought arises- If i tell people my kid dint pose any trouble- they are either gonna picture my kid as Dull and Not active or they are going to envy my easy lifestyle and “nazar na lag jaaye!”

Why is this urge to Please the People within us? Why do we have to agree on everything people say? Why should every conversation necessarily have a complaint/ranting about someone?  Complaints about family, about helps/drivers, about kids, about weather, about everything!

On introspection it does sound funny- and all of us are like Monica Geller from Friends- where she felt unhappy about Mrs.Greene’s anger towards her. We dont let go that easily.

So what were the flimsy complaints that you have raised, that you can remember? List them down- am sure, it will be a good read 🙂


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