I flip through the channels- trying to see if there is any thing good coming off it- before my Kid comes back from her toys and demands her “Dora Time“. A famous hero movie is being telecast on a channel. Happy- I put aside the remote and decide to watch it. Crucial scene. The hero is bashing up the villains. He tries to seize the clinching evidence against the “very bad guy” from the bad guy- but in vain. After a host of tries, he gives up. Looks around the room- sees a wailing infant. Carries her in one arm and in the other- hold your breath! He has a hot steaming iron machine! The bad guy gives in, and hands over the evidence to the hero. Hero Wins and walks out triumphantly.

The scene left me speechless for a while. To show the seriousness of the evidence or the daredevilry of our hero- the director could have resorted to thousand other means. Why a baby? That too- in such a crude and tasteless manner? In a country- where there are maniacs who idolize their on screen heroes- what if someone, tries this outrageous act, even by mistake? Who is answerable?

Time and again- movies have used the “baby sentiment” to capture the audience’s attention and to communicate the message. a happy family with everyone playing blissfully with a baby in hand- most of the times- means a disturbing end to the family, and the baby in particular. Shouldn’t the censor board do something strong about the portrayal of babies in movies?

The crass and obscenity in movies is a different subject altogether. A lot has been discussed and sadly, not much progress in that front. With a mere U/ A, U/A certificate- films cannot become refined and selective for the audience. But- at least when it comes to portrayal of nature’s most delicate creation- shouldn’t there be some rules firmly put down? How is it justified to show a scene- where a villain points a gun at a 2 month old and then as a change of mood- decides to kill thebaby happily bathing in a bath tub by turning on the tap in full flow? Cant the scene be handled in a much more delicate and neat manner? If some losses are to be portrayed (which is eventually the case) can’t it be handled in a more refined and sophisticated way?

Shouldn’t the makers realize the seriousness of their petty scenes and the impact it may have on the society? As parents can we do something about this?As a society can we do something about this?
I don’t know- I am waiting for answers and a better movie for me to watch happily.

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